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What we do

We produce superb quality, innovate films for training, education, promotion and just about anything else. We do everything for you and with you - writing scripts, filming, editing, augmenting – to give you exactly the film you want and need. Take a look at what we do...

We’ve worked down a tube tunnel, at the top of Canary Wharf, in a nursery school, at Shakespeare’s house, the House of Lords, a department store, an awful lot of warehouses, a field full of lavender, nuclear sites, pharmaceutical manufacturers, charities, conferences, catwalk shows, lecture theatres, a paper mill, universities, a port, a Barristers’ chambers and more construction sites than seems reasonable.





how it works

Once you contact us with an idea of what you want your film to be about – a specific task, a general or contractors’ induction, promoting your expertise as a company - whatever it might be, we set to work on a ‘treatment’ then on the script, location(s) and shot list.

Off-the-shelf training material can often be not precise or targeted enough – every company and every workplace is different – and we spend most of our time these days making bespoke films for clients.

Making a film is much simpler, faster and costs less than you probably think and by working with us you can tap into a wealth of experience and innovation.