Other Outtakes titles

Here is a list of all our other titles (30 in total). To purchase one of the below, simply select which title you'd like in the drop down list. All titles are priced at £150 (excl. VAT).


  • Adam’s First Day – H&S for young people and those who work with them

  • Alive on Sunday – real story of the physical & mental aftermath of an accident  

  • As Safe as Offices – complete office safety

  • Assessing the Load – manual handling

  • COSSH Understanding Assessments – 5 steps of COSSH risk assessment

  • Eve’s First Day – office safety

  • Facing the Consequences – effects of workplace accidents

  • Fighting Against Chance – preventing accidents

  • Hearing the Science Bit – hearing damage in different workplaces

  • Hidden Heroes – team safety

  • How to Conduct a Risk Assessment

  • Kitchen Capers – kitchen safety

  • Knowing Better – Manual handling/back safety

  • Lift Trucks Don’t Have Accidents – real CCTV footage + safety analysis

  • One Wrong Move – manager convicted of negligence

  • Positive Moves – slips, trips and falls

  • Reaction into Action – accident investigation

  • Running Risks – dynamic risk assessment

  • Safety Watch – observation & feedback

  • Sound Advice – hearing damage in the music industry

  • Step Back – manual handling

  • Super Safe – measuring and bench marking safety performance 

  • The Driver – driving safety

  • The Force is With You – harnessing the power of the workforce

  • The Last Line of Defence – importance of PPE

  • The Secret Siphon – the business case for safety

  • The Secret Weapon – 10 core H&S values

  • The Simple Things – behavioural safety

  • There’s No Excuse – Ian Whittingham fall from height victim

  • Work & Sport – musculoskeletal problems and how to prevent them


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Other Outtakes titles