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    Induction We all have to start somewhere, whether it’s the first day at a new job or the very first day at work and we all need to be safe from the start.
  • Risk Assessment Every task at work needs some level of risk assessment. Films to train and emphasise this essential skill.
    Accident Investigation The key to preventing accidents in the future - find out what went wrong and make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Safety Management Companies have legal and moral responsibility for the safety of their workers. Good health & safety reduces the costs of insurance, downtime and fines.
    Behavioural Safety Individual actions are the root cause of many workplace accidents. These films address behavioural safety issues.
  • Vehicle Safety Driving is one of the most hazardous jobs, on a par with coal mining or deep-sea fishing. Our films cover driving to work, for work and at work.
    GMP Good Manufacturing Practice is imperative in the production of many kinds of everyday items.
  • Manual Handling Focusing on a main cause of workplace injuries, these films stress the importance of safe manual handling and good ergonomics.
    Real People These poignant interviews with victims of workplace accidents will cause every viewer to think again about their attitude to workplace safety.
  • Hearing Safety All employers now need to protect employees hearing in noisy  environments, in concert halls and pubs as well as industrial  settings and factories.
    Slips, Trips and Falls Every employee is at risk from slips, trips and falls. They account for 11,000 major workplace injuries and 27,000 over 3-day injuries a year.
  • Hazard Spotting Identifying hazards, the level of risk they present and the best means of rectifying them are essential skills for managers and employees alike.
    PPE PPE is vital in many workplaces, but it is often unused as people rejecting it as cumbersome or inconvenient. These films show why PPE should be worn.

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Interactive DVD's add a whole new dimension to training. See ASI: Accident Scene Investigation and the Blind Man's Bluff series

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We have 2 free-to-view films to stream.Proud2bSafe & Work Under Pressure. Links on the Special Offers page,

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Outtakes know that film, with its immediacy and realism, is one of the best ways to deliver training messages.
We are constantly innovating in the way we use film to enhance the learning experience. Interactive online film is our newest way to keep your trainees engaged.

“Having been a customer of Outtakes for many years, we recently made the leap and actually became a client. We needed a partner who truly understood how we needed our end product to look. Not only did the team at Outtakes achieve this but they managed to further shape our vision further through the use of their on screen techniques. Previous attempts at making our own AV content have always resulted in compromise where there has been an overwhelming desire to start again once we viewed the final product. Not so this time. We are still pinching ourselves when we run the film. It’s rare to end up with something better than we had set out to achieve."      
Chris Jerman - John Lewis